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How to Uninstall Applications on your Mac (OS X)

One of the advantages of Mac computers is that they have a very intuitive operating system. OS X is very easy to use, even when installing new applications, but do you know how to uninstall apps on your Mac? Today we’re showing you how to do it in a few simple steps.

If you’ve just made the move from Windows to Mac there may be situations where you find yourself a little lost , such as having to uninstall an application, but don’t worry because it won’t take you long to get used to the new operating system. What’s more, you’ll find that over time you’ll be delighted with OS X and won’t want to go back to your PC anymore.

How to Uninstall Applications on your Mac (OS X)
How to Uninstall Applications on your Mac (OS X)

A few days ago we told you about the different ways to make screenshots in OS X Mavericks. This time, we expanded our Mac manuals section by showing you how to uninstall applications .

Uninstall applications on Mac with AppCleaner

As we said before, installing a new application on a Mac is very easy, many times you just have to drag it to the application folder, although other times you have to follow some very easy steps. When it comes to uninstalling, some people think that dragging the application to the trash can is enough , but this action doesn’t remove everything.

At first you’ll see that the application has indeed been uninstalled from your Mac, but from experience we’ve found that always remains on the system . For example, when you uninstall Google Chrome by dragging it to the trash, all the bookmarks, browsing history, and other things stay on your Mac.

However, there are very efficient alternatives that will allow you to completely uninstall any application on Mac, such as AppCleaner . This will remove the application and additional files with personal data, settings and preferences from the computer that would otherwise be excluded from the process.

Another way to uninstall applications on a Mac

From MacLife they also tell us another alternative for those who do not want to use third party applications such as AppCleaner. If you want you can continue to uninstall the apps by dragging them to the recycle bin on your Mac and manually delete those files that remain unremoved .

These files are stored in the LibraryApplication Support and LibraryCaches directories. So, we suggest you first delete the application from your Mac by dragging it to the trash, and then, if you like, delete the associated personal files that are in these two folders.

Unlike Windows computers, to uninstall an application on a Mac normally you do not need to use a dedicated program . However, you may occasionally come across an application that you don’t get rid of so easily, for which you will have to make use of options such as AppCleaner, but this is generally unnecessary.

As you can see, uninstalling applications on a Mac is a very simple task and will not take more than a few seconds .

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