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How to Turn Your iPhone into a Virtual Reality Camera

A couple of months ago we explained how to create UV light on the iPhone through a simple tutorial using the flash and camera of the Apple smartphone.

Also, from iPadizate, we showed you how to turn the iPhone into a 3D hologram projector. After the success of both publications we wanted to continue with this tutorial about how to turn the iPhone into a virtual reality camera.

How to Turn Your iPhone into a Virtual Reality CameraHow to Turn Your iPhone into a Virtual Reality Camera

We can achieve this amazing effect thanks to an iPhone camera accessory called Shot , an accessory compatible with iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s and 6s Plus.

Virtual reality comes to our pocket with Shot

This brilliant accessory, whose project was launched at Kickstarter, has great image processing potential through two lenses that increase the field of view of the iPhone camera , and through an additional application that allows us to record and share its contents.

Shot is compatible with Cardboard, the virtual reality headset designed by Google that works with the iPhone.

Turning the iPhone into a virtual reality camera

The accessory is very easy to attach, not just any lens is capable of capturing photos and videos in virtual reality, much less implement the technology in such a small accessory.

Once we have placed the Shot accessory, when we take a photograph, the application takes an image of each camera and combines them into a high resolution panoramic photo.

When recording video, Shot uses only one of the cameras because iPhone can’t record video using both cameras at the same time to create a 365º video.

To see the results we will need special lenses , which will help us modify how light enters the camera sensors and increase the horizontal field of view of each camera.

What do you think about this initiative? Would you like to create virtual reality photos and videos on your iPhone?