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How to Troubleshoot Cydia Refresh on iPhone and iPad

Nowadays, many users decide to Jailbreak their iPhone or iPad in order to increase the personalization options thanks to the tweaks available in Cydia, the app store. Usually there are no bugs, although you may find that Cydia has some refreshing problems , but here’s how you can fix it.

If you have the Jailbreak done you will know that through Cydia you have the possibility to get an endless number of tweaks with which to greatly customize your iPhone or iPad. Some of them are very interesting, like these 20 tweaks of Cydia that we collected in iPadizate recently and that you can’t stop trying.

How to Troubleshoot Cydia Refresh on iPhone and iPad
How to Troubleshoot Cydia Refresh on iPhone and iPad

There is a problem with Cydia on your iPhone or iPad that causes it to constantly “reload data” , which is usually related to a bad repo, unresponsive repo, offline, etc. If you have numerous third-party repo’s added to Cydia, then you are more likely to suffer from this error, but don’t worry because it has an easy fix.

Solve soda problems with Cydia quickly and easily

To solve this problem of refreshing with Cydia on both iPhone and iPad you have to open the shop and click on the “Source” section located at the bottom of the interface. Then go down and search the repos you have added to Cydia for any repos that have a wheel icon indicating that it is loading or updating.

It is quite possible that this is the most likely cause of this problem in Cydia, so removing those rests should solve it. Before removing any repo we recommend that you take a screenshot or write down the address before removing it from Cydia so that you can then put it back in.

To remove it, click on the “Edit” option in the top right corner of Cydia and then slide your finger to the left to remove the rests that have that wheel icon . As the guys at iDownloadBlog say, not always removing a repo from Cydia is the most ideal solution, but sometimes it is the best at certain times.

Have you ever encountered this problem with Cydia?

As you have seen, this little refreshing problem that can happen on Cydia has a fairly quick and simple solution . It is not very common for Cydia to have this kind of problem, but as we have said before, if you have a lot of repos added you might have more chances of suffering from it.

So if you ever have a soda problem on Cydia you know how to fix it quickly . Have you ever had any such problem with Cydia? How did you fix it? If so, feel free to share your experience with us and the rest of the readers in the comments.

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