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How to troubleshoot apps on your iPhone with Jailbreak

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In fact, the Jailbreak, curiously enough, is able to fix many bugs in iOS apps .

How to troubleshoot apps on your iPhone with Jailbreak
How to troubleshoot apps on your iPhone with Jailbreak

When an application fails, shuts down, or slows down, it’s probably because it has a bug in its system. And in this tutorial we will explain you how to fix them.

Specifically, we will give a small tour of the applications that usually give more problems: YouTube, Safari, and the Touch ID functionality .


The YouTube application (most versions) has Jailbreak detection. What does this mean? It means that the app recognizes that your device has the Jailbreak installed and closes automatically. But there is a solution.

You can choose to downgrade to a previous version with the tweak AppAdmin or by downloading it from a pirate app store, but you can also download the tweak YouTube ++ or Cercube 3.


Many users have reported bugs and problems in the Safari application, perhaps because it’s the app we use most often. In most cases this is because the application is overloaded (lots of data, content, javascript elements, or many tabs) but there are some patches you can add to fix this problem.

From iPadizate, if you have Jailbreak, we recommend the tweak StopCrashingSafari . It is available at https:/ and is completely free. Alternatively, you can try wiping the history and rebooting your device to “clean” Safari.

Touch ID

Finally, the Touch ID function is another of the most problematic features of iOS. If your Touch ID has suddenly stopped working and you have Jailbreak, follow these steps.

1. Access Cydia.

2. Open the fonts.

3. Enter the BigBoss repo.

4. Find and install the tweak Touch ID Respring Fix.

The bug that prevents Touch ID from working will be removed after the installation of this Cydia tweak. We hope this tutorial will solve all your problems!