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How to transform your iPad into a video camera

All those users who have an iPad may have been interested in recording video at some point. And while it’s not too comfortable, new apps and accessories are emerging. This time we refer to the latter, and is that it has been presented a case that transforms our machine into a quasi-professional looking camera. This rigid case comes with a “micro”, a multiple lens and a tripod.

There are things I personally don’t see the point of, but there they are. And then there are cases like this; it’s about, and we’re going to get into the rag, a iPad case that turns it into a video camera and that has appeared in some specialized media.

How to transform your iPad into a video camera
How to transform your iPad into a video camera

Yes, I know more than one will think. Are there people who shoot videos with an iPad? I guess so, but now I ask. Will anyone use such a thing? I’m not so sure. The case in question has been introduced by the National Association of Broadcasters and with it they hope that the iPad can become a quasi-professional looking camera and video editing combo. To do this we would use the software of the iPad or so they assure us.

The downside is that by incorporating the case and adding the multiple lenses and microphone, we get a freak of considerable proportion and weight, while the stability in the hands will leave something to be desired. That’s why they’ve added the necessary and so fashionable tripod that we see in the reflexes and even in some iPhone. This gives us stability and allows us to set the target more easily.

The invention will soon be available for $199 and its creators promise that will allow us to record high quality video . It will also be compatible with various applications such as iMovie.

Although in the video shown in the upper lines you can’t see a complicated handling of it , my personal opinion is that I don’t see the utility of it. It has been designed, as they say, for specific situations in which the spectacular screen as a viewfinder also attracts attention.

In my particular case I prefer a small 1080p camcorder and video editing on a laptop. With this combination we can get some more professional results and at the same time I think it’s more practical. However, it is always good that alternatives are offered, because as they say, for color tastes and so all users have a choice.

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