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How to transform your Apple Watch into a Mini Mac

No es el anillo único, pero con él podrás controlarlo todo

Adicionalmente, el accesorio W3 de Elago para Apple Watch está disponible en color blanco y en color negro .

How to transform your Apple Watch into a Mini MacHow to transform your Apple Watch into a Mini Mac

Pero, sin duda, lo mejor de todo es que este accesorio no llega a costar ni 15 dólares. ¿Verdad que es barato?

Comprar el dock W3 de Elago

Desde el siguiente botón podrás comprar este divertido dock con forma de Mac para tu Apple Watch. Recuerda que es compatible con todos los modelos del smartwatch de la compañía de Cupertino:

It is difficult to personalize the Apple Watch, apart from the different straps that Apple makes available to us, there are not many accessories capable of changing the look of the smartwatch .

Called “W3”, the latest accessory manufactured by Elago is a fun miniature version of the iconic 1984 Macintosh .

This stand makes the Apple Watch look spectacular, and it’s also quite functional. Want to know more about this accessory?

W3: the new Mac-shaped dock for Apple Watch

The Elago W3 accessory is compatible with all Apple Watch models . It supports Apple’s “Nightstand” mode, so users can use the device as an alarm and clock on the bedside table.

On the back of its case, the W3 dock has a small slot through which you have the possibility to charge the Apple Watch at the same time as you use it.

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