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How to transfer your iPhone photos between different devices

The photos have become very important and, of course, no one wants to lose them so it’s best to keep them safe. If you want to import, export or transfer your iPhone photos to other devices there is no better application than DearMob iPhone Manager .

With DearMob iPhone Manager you can transfer and make copies of lots of information on your iPhone such as photos, videos, messages, contacts and even apps. But you can also transfer photos from your computer to your iPhone directly.

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How to transfer your iPhone photos between different devices
How to transfer your iPhone photos between different devices

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Your iPhone safe with DearMob iPhone Manager

This tool will help us not to lose any information we have on our iPhone or iPad. It is also an independent program from iTunes , so you can manage and transfer all your photos , videos or contacts independently without the need for Apple software.

These are the main features of DearMob iPhone Manager

  • Easily transfer photos between your iPhone and your PC or Mac.
  • You can transfer only the photos or albums you want from your old iPhone to the new one.
  • Converts iPhone CTA photos to JPG format automatically for proper viewing on your computer.
  • All the metadata of the photo are kept, such as the place where it was taken and the time.
  • You can also pass Live Photos without losing the video, as it will be saved next to the photo.
  • You can also make a copy of the WhatsApp photos.
  • You can delete those photos that you can’t delete directly from your iPhone because you copied them from your computer.
  • And finally, it also has an option to protect your photos with a password.

It’s hard to find such a powerful tool for managing your photos without relying on iTunes, which isn’t exactly an easy app. But you can also do a lot more with DearMob iPhone Manager , including transferring information to another device, saving app files, music, messages, and just about anything else you have on your iPhone.

If you want to have an application to keep all the information on your iPhone safe , or to manage and copy the photos you have on your iOS device, DearMob iPhone Manager is the best option.