How to Transfer Files to iPhone and iPad with iFile

Transfer files to iOS devices with iFile

Apple is still without a file manager or browser in the new versions of its mobile operating system for iPhone and iPad, however, thanks to the Jailbreak of iOS 8 we have the possibility of having a fabulous tweak that many of you will know more than enough: iFile .

With iFile we can do all sorts of virgins and watermarks, from renaming files to copying and pasting them into any internal system folder , to editing documents or, for example, opening them in third-party applications.

How to Transfer Files to iPhone and iPad with iFile
How to Transfer Files to iPhone and iPad with iFile

Today we’re going to show you how easy it is to transfer any file from a PCMac to our iPhone, iPad or iPad Mini thanks to the servers of this fantastic file browser from Cydia.

How to transfer files with iFile

1. For those of you who don’t know yet for one reason or another, if you want to install iFile on your iPhone or iPad you will need to have the jailbreak done , and for that, on iPadizate we have a wonderful tutorial for this process in iOS 8.1.2.

2. Once you have the jailbreak we will need to download iFile , which can be obtained for free from the BigBoss source or repository.

3. Now, to start transferring files from the iFile web servers we will need to connect our iOS device and our computer to the same network .

4. After making sure, now it is time to create a server . To do this open iFile and click on the world ball button at the bottom of the tweak interface.

5. A screen will appear on which will start and create a web server , which will tell us the name of our iPhoneiPad, our IP and the port.

6. We will then open Safari or our favorite web browser to use this data in the address bar , for example:

7. When you press the “Enter” key on your PC or Mac you will be able to see all the folders on your iOS system on the screen.

8. From now on we can download any file , in any format, and transfer it to our iPhone or iPad . To do this, just click on the “Select File” button and browse for the file you want to upload in the folder you want. Finally click on “Upload” … and you’re done! We have already transferred our first file to an iOS device. Wasn’t it easy?

Images obtained from iOSHacker .

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A very simple method that provides us with all kinds of possibilities

This process can make many tasks easier , as we cannot always count on our documents in the cloud, on the web or on Apple’s own mobile device. Thanks to the iFile web servers we can easily transfer movies to our iPad without going through iTunes (and not having to go get the USB Lightning cable), transfer songs, transfer PDF documents to a specific folder, include new wallpapers among the ones pre-defined by Apple… and much, much more.

Let us know what you think about this tutorial and give your advice and experiences to other readers to enrich their reading. We are waiting for you, thank you!

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