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How to tell if an iPhone is under warranty with Apple

Knowing an iPhone’s warranty is always important, and especially in cases where the device may require a repair that is covered by the warranty. The period that remains in warranty also depends on several factors: the first and most important is the law of each country. In Spain and other countries it is at least 2 years, the first with the manufacturer itself and the second with the store that sold it. Another important factor is whether you have any additional insurance such as Apple Care or any other third party insurance. In any case, here we will show you how to know how long your iPhone warranty lasts directly with Apple.

As explained above, the warranty of an iPhone in countries like Spain is two years from the date of purchase of the device. For example, if you buy the phone from your phone company, Apple will handle all warranty issues during the first year and your company will handle them during the second year. If you buy the device with Apple, the warranty will be two years with the company.

How to tell if an iPhone is under warranty with Apple
How to tell if an iPhone is under warranty with Apple

There are several ways to check how much warranty an iPhone has left, but we will focus on the two easiest. The first is from the device itself. If you go to Settings>General>Information you will see that certain information about your iPhone is displayed, such as name, software version, serial number and of course the date when the warranty expires.

You may have been surprised to see that the warranty listed under Settings is only one year, but don’t panic. The information in this section is the same for everyone, but Apple adapts to the laws of each country. So if you bought your phone less than a year ago and it says it’s ending in the next year, they’re really telling you when the commitment to Apple itself ends. If you bought the phone from a physical Apple Store, you’ll need to have the second year of warranty in that same store.

The second method to check the warranty is via the Apple website , where you must enter the serial number of the device found in Settings>General>Information. Here you can find more information about the warranty, especially if you have an Apple Care or Apple Care+ insurance, in which case you can add an extra year of warranty.

Having an iPhone under warranty is positive when your device has some kind of factory damage or software problem that does not arise from your use. In these cases, Apple will usually repair your device for free and may even provide you with a replacement. Accidental damage is not covered under warranty, although you can get discounts on repairs with Apple Care. It should also be noted that this insurance can be taken out for up to 2 months after the purchase of the terminal.