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How to tap someone on WhatsApp

WhatsApp borrará mensajes sin dejar huella

En cuanto lo envíes, todos los que han sido mencionados recibirán una notificación . La lástima es que no sea tan efectivo como un zumbido del difunto Messenger, pero funcionará la mayoría de las veces. Además, desde hace no mucho tiempo, también está disponible en WhatsApp Web, asi que podéis hacer uso de la función desde cualquiera de los dispositivos en los que está disponible WhatsApp. Eso sí, no abuséis, o acabaréis siendo ignorados por completo.

How to tap someone on WhatsApp
How to tap someone on WhatsApp

Y vosotros, ¿con qué frecuencia utilizáis esta función en vuestros grupos?

Many still seem to believe that WhatsApp is still the same simple customer they installed a few years ago. That all the changes that have taken place over time have nothing to do with them. However, the platform has gradually been filled with different and controversial developments that have meant that many users are starting to move away from it because of the complications it can cause. And that not to mention the groups , which many prefer to have silenced.

The problem comes when you have something really important to say in those conversations, but no one is paying attention to it. At that time we would like to have a way for certain people to realize that they should pay attention to what we are saying. That’s why today we bring you a little trick for all those who live on the platform without realizing that it’s possible to make someone receive a warning about a message, even if they have the group silenced.

Yes, we assume that many of you will already know what we’re talking about. In fact, it’s very likely that most of you have already experienced it for yourselves, and not precisely because you’ve been hacked into the app, but it’s not bad to comment on it for those of you who have just arrived, or those who have never realized that it’s possible. And the trick is as simple as putting an “@” in the text box, and selecting the people you want to mention.

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