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How to take a screenshot on iPad

On a daily basis we find very interesting information on the web using our iPad that we would like to share with a specific person or group. This can be done with a simple screenshot , which is basically a picture of our screen at a given time. In this way we can share a particular part of a website or a conversation that we want to share with a friend.

But obviously there are differences between the different iPads in the way you take a screenshot. We must distinguish in this case to make screenshots with iPad with and without Home button.

iPad screenshots without Home Button

How to take a screenshot on iPad
How to take a screenshot on iPad

The latest iPads, like the iPhone, do not include the mythical Home button that allowed us to take screenshots. That’s why Apple has had to adapt the way to make them in a really simple way, following the following steps:

  1. Click the top button where we lock/unlock the iPad.
  2. Also press the volume up button at the same time.
  3. Quickly release both buttons when you press them at the same time.

This will generate the screenshot that we will have available as a thumbnail in the lower left corner of our screen. In this way we can easily discard it through a simple slide to the left . If we don’t touch it, we can find it in our photo gallery.

iPad screenshots with Home Button

If you have a lower-end iPad, you’ll still have the nostalgic Home button that has been with us for generations. This makes taking pictures a little easier since it uses a very traditional system that we had on the older iPhones. Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Press the top button where the iPad locks or unlocks.
  2. At the same time, press the Home button on the bottom of the unit.
  3. Release both buttons immediately.

If everything has gone well as in the previous case we should see at the bottom a preview of the capture that we have made in order to discard it or keep it.

Edit the capture and send it easily

Sometimes when we take a screenshot, we are trying to pass on specific information to someone. That’s why to facilitate this task Apple allows us to edit in a really fast way these images that we take. You simply have to touch on the preview that is generated in the lower left corner and through your own finger or with the Apple Pencil you can make notes or highlight important areas.

At the top of the image we will have a lot of tools to be able to make these annotations and edits. Once we’ve finished we can send the capture as we’ve edited it via the ‘Share’ button. Using this function of the operating system we will have the possibility to share it with different applications like Telegram, Mail…

And you, do you use this feature in your daily life with the iPad? Leave your impressions in the comment box.

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