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How to Sync FB Events with the iPhone Calendar

A simple trick to centralise all important events on your iPhone’s Calendar

Until relatively recently, in order to discover important events in our city one had to go to the newspapers or, failing that, browse through specialized leisure pages. With the arrival of Facebook, the subject changed as all the events published on the social network are quite easy to locate . In addition, the page of the event in question always includes interesting information including date, time and place.

Well , there is a way to synchronize all these events with the iPhone Calendar app . Something really useful when it comes to reminding us, for example, of something as easy to forget as the birthdays of our closest friends and relatives.

How to Sync FB Events with the iPhone Calendar
How to Sync FB Events with the iPhone Calendar

Sometimes we can accumulate a lot of information, so centralizing all these events in a single space is an efficient and logical way to keep under control all the social commitments that will address us in the future.

Step-by-step how to sync your Facebook events and birthdays in the iPhone Calendar app

1.- Install the Facebook application and log in with your account. You can do this from the button below:

Within the iPhone home screen tap on the Settings icon and scroll down to find the Facebook app in the application list.

Tap on the Facebook icon to access the application settings.

4.- As you can see in the screenshot, there is a list of applications that can allow the use of your Facebook account. Activates the Calendar setting.

Jump to the home screen, run Calendars and press the Details button to the left of the search button. At this point you should be able to see the events and birthdays for each day marked on the calendar, as they are marked with a dot below the corresponding date.

A useful way to remember important events

If you click on any event you are registered for, you can see more details about it . You can also click on a birthday in the list to see the contact details of that person, and if you also click on their name you can visit their Facebook profile and wish them a happy birthday.

With this simple tip our calendar becomes a complete and detailed agenda . Now you no longer have an excuse not to congratulate a colleague or attend an important event in your city!

How about this trick to link Facebook events and birthdays on your iPhone calendar ? Comment on your impressions in our comments.

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