How to sign PDFs with your calligraphy from iOS or macOS in seven steps

Apple SupportEn Apple The most cumbersome of all but also the most logical is to print a document, sign it and then scan it with the signature. Fortunately there are easier methods if you use a Mac or an iPhone or iPad. If you want to use your own signature to mark a PDF on the Mac the best thing to do is use Preview, the default PDF viewer in the system. It is free and fast, so there is no excuse not to give it a try. Open the document you want to sign with PreviewClick on the Briefcase button at the top to access the toolsClick on the button signaturesClick on Create SignatureMake a signature on paper and focus on the camera to scan it, if you have a trackpad you can sign directly with the trackpadChoose one of the saved signatures and put it wherever you want in the PDFSave the new PDF with the signature embeddedHow to sign a document on the iPhone or iPadIn the case of the iPhone or iPad we don’t have Preview in the system, so we will have to use some alternative from the App Store. Nothing better than Adobe Acrobat Reader, the Adobe PDF manager for iOS. This is what we have to do:Download Adobe Acrobat Reader for iOSOpen a PDF document with Adobe Acrobat ReaderIn the bottom bar select the icon of the sandwich with the pencil to access the toolsSelect the last icon in the bottom bar, the penClick on Create signature and draw your signatureSelect the signature created and place it where you are interested in the PDF, you can modify its size and colorSave the new document with the changes made in the PDFMore information

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