How to share data between iOS and Android

Today we are not going to talk about which mobile operating system is better, that is more than clear… the topic of today is to solve an “inconvenient” that we sometimes encounter when transferring files between iOS and Android .

Surely there are many alternatives to do so, many when sharing files use the email or messaging services that allow you to send files (like Telegram). We can also do the same using cloud services as a shared hard drive (Dropbox, Drive, etc). But in this article we will talk about an application that can make the task a little easier for us, and it is completely free .

Sharing files between iOS and Android

How to share data between iOS and Android
How to share data between iOS and Android

Copy my Data can be the solution if you want to transfer images, videos, contacts and calendars between iOS and Android. Unfortunately for other file types we have to resort to other methods.

For Copy my Data to work, it must meet certain requirements, firstly that it is installed on both devices and secondly that both smartphones are connected to the same WiFi network , as it will use this method for the transfer.

Copy my Data in iOS

When you start the application we must give you permission to access our Contacts, Calendars, Reminders and Photos . Then we follow the simple steps indicated by the application.

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