How to Set Up Siri on iPad and iPhone with your Name, Alias, and Relationships

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Siri, the iOS Voice Assistant, provides us with all kinds of facilities and information that are very useful for our daily lives. It is capable of performing actions as diverse as adding events to the calendar, including reminders, sending messages, opening applications, providing weather information…

How to Set Up Siri on iPad and iPhone with your Name, Alias, and Relationships
How to Set Up Siri on iPad and iPhone with your Name, Alias, and Relationships

But in addition to serving us on a practical level with its excellent features in iOS, Siri is an ideal companion and can be truly fun. In this short tutorial for iPhone and iPad we will explain step by step how to make Siri call you by your name or by the nickname you want.

Therefore, we have divided the tutorial into three sections. So you can learn how to set up your name, your nickname, and your relationships. In this way you will be able to have a much more intimate and personal relationship with Siri . We hope you find it useful!

Configure Siri with your name

1. To start you must create a contact with your first and last name.

2. Then you have to go to the Settings application.

3. Click on the section Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

4. Once here, slide your finger to find the Contacts section.

5. Click on My data.

6. Select the contact you have created with your name.

7. Ask Siri: “Who am I?” You’ll see how she already knows you!

Configure Siri with your nickname or alias

1. Press and hold the Home button to start the Siri voice assistant.

2. Ask Siri: “I am [alias]” or “I want you to call me [alias]”.

3. Siri will ask you if you are sure you want her to call you by that nickname and, when you click on accept, she will call you that from then on.

4. To confirm, ask: “Who am I? Siri will answer by mentioning your name, and also your alias.

Configuring Siri with your relationships

1. Hold down your finger on the Home button to start Siri.

2. Tell Siri “My partner is [Name of partner]”.

3. Siri will assign each relationship you want to each of your contacts. Remember that for your relationships (father, mother, children…) to work properly they must be in your Contacts app.

4. Alternatively, you can enter the Contacts application to add your relationships from your personal contact card by pressing the Edit button in the top right-hand corner.

What are the uses of the configuration?

Setting up your name, nickname, and relationship to Siri will help speed up the speech recognition process for the actions and commands you use. For example, if you have several people with the same name, you can specify to “call your best friend” so that you don’t have to name their last names that way.

More screenshots on Siri configuration

We leave you with a small selection of screenshots that provide you with some examples to “get intimate” with Siri. Click on each image to enlarge:

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