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How to see the asteroid Florence 2017 on your iPhone

Today, Friday, a spatial phenomenon of significant proportions will occur. An asteroid, called Florence, will pass very close to the Earth. In fact, it will be the celestial object that comes closest to our planet, since it will almost “graze” it. We’ll tell you more, and how you can see it with your iPhone .

This gigantic body of between 4 and 9 kilometres in diameter will brush the Earth’s orbit at a speed of 13.53 kilometres per second and will pass at a distance of seven million kilometres , some 18 times the distance from the Earth to the Moon, so there is no danger of it colliding with us.

How to see the asteroid Florence 2017 on your iPhone
How to see the asteroid Florence 2017 on your iPhone

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To enjoy this astronomical phenomenon is very simple, just follow the streaming of Virtual Telescope, which will show us live the passage of this celestial object near our planet. The scheduled time will be 14:06 Spanish time , so you can watch this wonder while you are eating, playing on the beach or at the office, if you have already returned to work.

To give you an idea of the size of the passage of this celestial body, it is of a similar size that caused the extinction of the dinaries 65 million years ago in the current Yucatan peninsula in Mexico.

Florence is among the “potentially dangerous” asteroids because “its dimensions are greater than 140 meters, (in fact it measures more than 4 kilometers) and its minimum approach distance is less than 19.5 times the distance between the Earth and the Moon”. This is a unique opportunity for its viewing , as it will not happen again for another 500 years.

Are you going to follow the asteroid? we encourage you to tell us if you are, we keep working so you don’t miss anything. See you soon!

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