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How to search for my AirPods in iOS 10.3

iOS 10.3 ya disponible junto a macOS 10.12.4, watchOS 3.2 y tvOS 10.2: todas las novedades que traen.

And here comes the extra portion of software updates from Apple. We have iOS 10.3, tvOS 10.2, watchOS 3.2 and macOS 10.12.4. And with the release of the new version of iPhone and iPad we have new features in the “Search iPhone” app. Now we can use it to search for our AirPods , if we have already ordered and received them at home.

How to search for AirPods on iOS 10.3

How to search for my AirPods in iOS 10.3How to search for my AirPods in iOS 10.3

We remind you that it is highly recommended to back up your iOS device before upgrading to version 10.3. This is due to the new APFS file system created by Apple. Do not be alarmed if you see that this update takes longer than usual . Changing the file system takes a lot more time and can make your device hotter than usual.

As soon as you have iOS 10.3 installed, go to the Find My iPhone app, enter your credentials, and you will be presented with a map listing all devices linked to your Apple ID . There you will see your AirPods.

This feature is useful if we lose the cargo case with a headset inside or if we go by bus, train or plane and lose one.

They should show the last location where they were connected to a device. But the best part comes now. Since the location can be a bit “vague”, there is a possibility to make a sound to help you find them. As shown in the picture, we can choose to turn off the sound from one of the headphones if it is still in our ear.

This is very useful as the sound that is emitted is quite loud and can be annoying or damage our hearing. Apple’s solution contrasts with the one we analysed a few months ago, which used a kind of radar to help us find them. Apple’s is more intuitive and comes standard with its operating system.

But do the AirPods fall?

This is undoubtedly one of the questions I have been asked most in recent months. The shape of these headphones gives the impression that they are about to fall off at the slightest movement of our head . But at the same time, their shape is what keeps them in place.

That “stem” that grows downward presses down on the body of the headset to stay in place. In addition, we have to take into account that there is no longer a cable pulling as in the case of the EarPods. It’s hard to put into words.

In the three months I’ve been using them, I haven’t lost an Apple headset. They just don’t fall off by themselves , they need an external “helper” to do it. So this app can be very useful on buses, trains or planes, where they are more likely to get lost by some bump or rub. Or by a moment of clumsiness of their own.

I’ve also noticed some instability when I put on a scarf or a coat. Despite having run, jumped and moved my head until I got dizzy, the AirPods have remained where they were without moving a millimetre.

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