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How to Schedule Your SMS and WhatsApp with these Tweaks

I’m sure many of you have thought at some point about scheduling the sending of an SMS or WhatsApp at a specific time . Sometimes we can be so distracted or busy with other things that we can easily forget to send a warning to a friend or family member at a certain time. Hasn’t this happened to you?

Admittedly, Apple should have added this functionality to its firmware natively to allow SMS programming, but the company has not improved its application for a long time, except for certain features that have been enhanced. But, as most of you will know, iOS extends its frontiers much further thanks to the jailbreak universe and all the possibilities it can bring to our devices in the apple thanks to the great amount of tweaks available and compatible with the new iOS 9.

How to Schedule Your SMS and WhatsApp with these Tweaks
How to Schedule Your SMS and WhatsApp with these Tweaks

A good example of this is being able to find third party applications that are able to quickly configure and schedule the sending of a text message or WhatsApp on our devices. Of course these tweaks work, but most of them are quite old, require users to buy a subscription or display annoying ads while using them.

That’s why today we want to show you some tweaks that will be of great help if you need to have programmed the sending of certain SMS or WhatsApp. But before we go any further, it’s necessary that our device has the jailbreak process done.

WhatsApp Reminder

Thanks to this great tweak we will be able to program messages inside the official WhatsApp application and send them at the time we want . WhatsApp Reminder will allow us to edit the messages that are already programmed to change the time, date or content of the message, as long as it has not already been sent.

As a negative point, we should mention that this tweak will not send us any kind of notification when the message has been sent or is about to be sent in case we want to make any kind of correction. However, there is another tweak called “Message Scheduler for WhatsApp” that will allow us to perform the same tasks with the only difference that it will show us notifications before sending the messages.

The “bad” thing about this last tweak is that it is priced at $0.99, while WhatsApp Reminder is totally free . To download them we just have to follow a few simple steps:

  • We start Cydia and go to the BigBoss repository
  • We downloaded and installed WhatsApp Reminder from the developer Ibrahim Sammour
  • Now we respring our device and open the official WhatsApp application
  • Select a contact or a group, write down what you want to send, set the date and time and click on “Create Reminder”.

As you can see, a very simple task to carry out in just a few seconds and one that can help us not to forget to send those important WhatsApps again.

Programmable SMS


This wonderful tweak will allow us to program the SMS that we want to send to our contacts in a very easy way. Programmable SMS is available for free on Cydia and works seamlessly with Activator, so you can get much more out of it.

To install this tweak on our iOS device we only have to follow a few simple steps:

  • The first thing is to enter Cydia and look for the tweak Programmable SMS in the BigBoss repository.
  • Now we install the tweak on the device and respring
  • Now we enter the device settings and look for Programmable SMS at the bottom, enter it and activate it.
  • On the same page, click on SMS Activator actions
  • Now we create some text message and select the contact we want to be sent to to schedule it.
  • Before saving, don’t forget to activate the auto-off option (Auto-Disable).

But this tweak can work much better and more efficiently if we combine it with Activator thanks to the functions that the latter offers us. To configure it just follow these simple steps:

  • Go to Activator and enter the section “Anywhere”, then go to Create – Programmed
  • Now we just have to choose the day and time and save these preferences
  • We go back to the Activator home page, choose the moment we had created in step 2 and choose the text message we had created earlier

As you can see, thanks to the jailbreak, it’s very easy to be able to program our SMS and WhatsApp so that we never miss a moment to warn about something important or to remind our friends to bring their popcorn before coming home to watch a movie. The jailbreak can bring many good things to our iOS devices if it is used responsibly and wisely.

Did you know about these tweaks? Share your experience with us and comment if you know any other free tweaks.


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