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How to save our credit card information in Safari to autofill on our iPhone or iPad

The integration of Safari with the other sections and options of the operating system that brings our iPhone or iPad to life is undoubtedly one of its best qualities. We probably all know that Safari can take care of saving and filling in as many passwords as we want, but did you know we can do the same with credit cards?

Adding and Using a Credit Card

We can add credit cards to Safari in much the same way we’d save a new login password. The data, which we can enter on our iPhone or iPad, thanks to iCloud, will be synchronised across all our devices. To save a new card the steps are as follows:

  1. We open the Settings app on our iPhone or iPad.
  2. We entered the Safari section.
  3. We played Autofill.
  4. We go into Saved Credit Cards.
  5. We identify ourselves with Face ID, Touch ID or with the code of our device.
  6. We play Add Card.
  7. We write the cardholder’s name, card number, expiration date and a description or name.
  8. We press OK.
How to save our credit card information in Safari to autofill on our iPhone or iPadHow to save our credit card information in Safari to autofill on our iPhone or iPad

In step 7 we can also, if we wish, touch the option Use the camera so that, after pointing at the front of the card, the system fills in the information for us.

Easy, right? With these steps we’ll have the card ready to use in Safari. And it’s very easy to use. When we come across a form where we are asked for the credit card, Safari will automatically suggest us to choose one of the ones we have saved to automatically fill in all the fields. All we have to do is add the CVV manually to continue with the purchase.

Some important details

Please note that there is some information that the system, for security reasons, does not keep at any time. In fact, it doesn’t even offer us the ability to store it. We’re talking especially about the CVV code. That three-digit code that we find on the back of our card will never enter the autofill system .

This means two things. First, that someone, even if they could get access to such sensitive information as the card number and expiration date, would not be able to make a purchase. In addition, it means that we have to remember or have written down, for example on a locked note or on the key ring itself , the CVV of our card in order to use it.

Other information that the system also does not store is the card’s pin , which, as with the other information, we can store separately on the key ring or on a secure note.

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And it’s that simple. The next time we come across a payment form when we are shopping online we can ask Safari to provide the details for us. Important to remember, this data is stored in fully encrypted form and is not accessible by Apple.