How to Save Facebook Posts on iPhone and iPad

We all carry our smartphones around with us constantly and with the growing boom in social networking that we have experienced in recent years we are increasingly keen to be connected to others in this unique way. One of the most popular networks in the world is Facebook, which has millions of users worldwide and receives a large number of entries daily . Many of these posts we read, others we are simply not interested in, and others we don’t have time to pay attention to as they deserve.

Today we bring you a solution so that you don’t miss any of the posts published by your Facebook contacts. The idea is to save these posts so that you can read them later . We already talked to you some time ago about Pocket, it’s an application where we can save all kinds of articles that we can’t read at the time so that we can access them later, even if we don’t have an internet connection. The solution that we bring you today is very similar to the function that this application performs.

How to Save Facebook Posts on iPhone and iPad
How to Save Facebook Posts on iPhone and iPad

As you can read above, Facebook allows us to store posts, in addition to other functions, so that we can access them later and read them from our PC or Mac and from iPhone and iPad. It is really easy to perform this function, although it may not be as visible as it should be.

If we enter Facebook we will find all the entries that have been published by our contacts. If we look at the top right of each post there’s an arrow that opens a drop-down menu, if we access this we’ll see the option Save this link . Simply by clicking here we’ll save the post.

But where is it stored? Once we’ve saved a post, either from the web or from our iPhone or iPad, we’ll see that on the left side of the screen, and just below Latest News ,the Saved section has appeared. If we access it we’ll see all the entries we’ve stored. If we want to access it via the Apple phone, we need to go to More (the icon in the bottom right corner) and select Saved .

If we prefer, we can also access it by typing in the address bar of our browser the URL ‘ www.facebook.comsaved’ . The advantage of this is that we can save this address in bookmarks and access the saved posts quickly.

Once we have read all the entries we have saved from the browser or from the iPhone or iPad, we can delete them to keep this section always organized . To do this, once inside the saved posts, put the cursor over the one you want to delete and a cross will appear, press it and it will send the post to File . As we are told from Redmond Pie, we can access the file from the top right, without leaving the Saved page. From there we can delete any post definitively.

Do you know any more tricks to get the most out of Facebook?

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