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How to save data abroad

Esta es la letra pequeña del fin del roaming en la Unión Europea

Otra cosa que no debemos olvidar es la asistencia para Wi-Fi. Se trata de una función que activa los datos móviles automáticamente en el caso de que la señal Wi-Fi sea débil . Sin duda, olvidarnos de desactivar esta función puede darnos un buen susto.

How to save data abroad
How to save data abroad

Por último, es recomendable que actives el 3G en vez del 4G, o si tu iPhone te lo permite, el 2G. Con esto, en el caso de que por error tu teléfono empiece a descargar datos con tu tarifa, lo hará lentamente y no descargará tanto como lo haría con 4G .

The end of roaming in Europe was a reality only recently, this means that we can use our mobile data in any country of the European Union paying a kidney for it . Of course, there are companies that set limits and do not allow you to use your data in certain countries, just like you might travel outside Europe and need to spend less data so you don’t get ruined.

You must continue to pay for data roaming in any country outside the European Union, the United States and Asia. Of course, you can activate your data when you travel to make an urgent enquiry outside Spain, but it is highly recommended that you take measures to avoid suffering a heart attack when you return from your trip .

Of course, we must disable data roaming in our iPhone settings. When you disable roaming, you can be sure that you will not consume a single byte of data in the foreign country . So you’ll be forced to find a Wi-Fi hotspot. You can disable this in the iPhone settings under “Mobile Data” and “Data Roaming.

But what if we want to consult something quickly in the middle of our trip? Then, we must reactivate the itinerary knowing what that entails. To avoid the inconvenience of paying too much, we will have to deactivate all the applications that, by chance, can download data just at the moment you activate the route . It can also happen that you accidentally open an application that consumes a lot of data.

From the “Use mobile data for” section of settings, we can disable the use of mobile data in specific applications. It’s recommended that we disable all apps except the ones we’re going to use right then.

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