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How to save battery power on your iPhone (II)

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Si aún así tu batería sigue drenándose a una velocidad sorprendente, no te preocupes, que volveremos dentro de muy poco con más trucos para ahorrar batería en tu iPhone.

How to save battery power on your iPhone (II)
How to save battery power on your iPhone (II)

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The issue of the battery on the iPhone is still critical, and even more so with the information we received on Monday regarding the battery problems in iOS 10.1.1 and that this update will drain our battery, that in case it does not turn off when 70% or 80% of the battery is left . This just completes the battery problems that all of us who own an iPhone have to go through all day long from charger to charger. That’s why we’re bringing you back the best tips on how to charge your iPhone.

Uses Energy Saving Mode

Yeah, we know, it seems pretty obvious. However, there are quite a few users who, when they receive the alert that their iPhone is running out of battery, discard it without noticing that it offers us a more than interesting possibility to activate the energy saving mode. If you have thought about “what mode”, this trick is for you, and it is that this mode can give us a couple of hours more – in which the terminal will not give its full performance – that will come to us like water from May.

Beware of Facebook and other social networks

Earlier this year, a study by The Guardian told us how we could save 15% on battery power by uninstalling the Facebook application and accessing their website through the Safari browser. This happens because Facebook continues to drain the battery in the background -and thanks to this we receive their notifications- even though we have this setting disabled.

Other applications that are very fashionable among young people, such as Instagram and its videos in the purest Snapchat style or Snapchat itself, which constantly send notifications, remain in the background, using up not only data but also the battery , so you have to be careful with these applications that, although popular, steal hours and hours of use from your battery.

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