How to Save and Send GIFs on your iPhone and iPad

It is possible to save GIF images on iPhone and iPad , but when we enter the iOS Photos application the images appear static, without movement. But this has its solution…

GIFs are very popular files on the Internet that allow users to express their opinions, ideas, emotions and feelings in a much more precise way, as they are animated.

How to Save and Send GIFs on your iPhone and iPad
How to Save and Send GIFs on your iPhone and iPad

To be able to save, send and share GIFs on your iPhone and iPad, you must follow the steps below.

1. First you have to find the GIF you want to save. There are a lot of websites to find GIFs online , from iPadizate we recommend GIPHY.

2. Keep your finger pressed on the image GIF .

3. From the pop-up menu that appears, select “Save Image”.

As mentioned above, the GIF will be automatically saved to your photo albums in the native iOS Photos application. However, the image will remain static.

4. Open the Photos app.

5. Click on the GIF image you downloaded.

6. Press the share button and choose “Messages” or “Mail”.

You will be able to see the animated GIF in these two iOS applications and you can send it to anyone else.

7. Choose a recipient and press “Send”.

There are many apps in the App Store that will allow you to share the GIFs from Photos on iOS, for example, in addition to “Mail” and “Messages” you can also use the Facebook Messenger application, Telegram and WhatsApp.

Additionally, there is another very useful method to share GIFs with your friends and family. You only need to download an application from the App Store and send your favorite GIFs to whomever you want.

Below, we recommend the most interesting GIF apps from the App Store:

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