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How to save almost any content in PDF on iPhone and iPad

Have you ever found an article on a website that you reached through a link on a social network and lost it because you couldn’t read it at the time? Has something similar happened to you inside any app on your mobile devices? Don’t worry, you’re not alone, since this is something most of us go through and that’s why today we bring you a possible solution: save almost any PDF content from iPhone and iPad .

The process of converting a website or app content to PDF from iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch is a little hidden between the iOS menus, but once you see how it’s done you’ll have no trouble repeating the process whenever you need to.

How to save almost any content in PDF on iPhone and iPadHow to save almost any content in PDF on iPhone and iPad

This function is “hidden” among the AirPrint print options , so the app from which you will create the PDF needs to support this iOS feature. Examples of AirPrint-compatible apps include Safari and Evernote.

The steps you need to take to convert almost any content from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to PDF are as follows:

1.- Once you’ve opened the content you want to convert to PDF, tap on the share button (in the example we’re using Safari, but in any AirPrint-compatible app it would be similar).

In the sharing menu, tap on the option Print to open the print interface.

3.- Set the range of pages you want to save in the PDF and then pinch out (the opposite gesture to when you zoom in on a photo) in the preview below.

4.- Touch the share button again and choose the option Add to iCloud Drive (if you are a user of another cloud storage service you may have other options as in the example shown in Dropbox).

That’s it, after taking these steps the PDF file will be stored in your iCloud Drive account and you’ll be able to access it from any of your iOS devices, from a Mac, or from any web browser via the iCloud website.

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