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How to restore iPhone settings from iTunes

One of the actions that many users have to learn to do with their mobile devices is to restore them, at some point, to factory settings. iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users can do this from the device itself on iOS or from the iTunes application on PC or Mac.

The iTunes application is the connection bridge between computers and Apple’s mobile devices . In this application we can have our library of music, videos, applications, etc., as well as actions such as the one we are going to explain today, the restoration of, for example, your iPhone.

How to restore iPhone settings from iTunes
How to restore iPhone settings from iTunes

It is assumed that when you buy an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, one of the first things you have to do is to sync the device with the iTunes application for the first time so that you can then sync the content you deem appropriate .

To restore your device in iTunes, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  • Have the iTunes application installed on your PC or Mac. On a Mac it comes standard, so you’ll need to download it from the Apple website if you have a PC.
  • Once the iTunes application is installed, open it, find the device’s charging cable and connect it to the computer. iTunes automatically detects them and shows them to you.
  • New versions of iTunes allow different display modes, with or without visible sidebar. I suggest you go to the Display menu at the top and select Show Sidebar. That way you have a clearer view of the devices you have connected to your computer.
  • In the sidebar if you’ve shown it or in the top right of iTunes if you haven’t shown the sidebar, you’ll be able to click on the device you’ve connected.
  • Once you click on the name of the device, a window will appear where you can see all the information about it. If you look at it, there is a button that tells you to Restore iPhone… Clicking on it will start the restoration.

Please note that if you have Search My iPhone enabled, iTunes will prompt you to go to Settings> iCloud> Search My iPhone first and disable it. Once disabled you click the Restore iPhone… button again and the process will begin.

As you can see, the restoration process is as simple as we discussed in another article explaining how to do it in iOS. Note that the same process is performed whether it’s an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch .

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