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How to Restore Beta Watch OS 2 to the Apple Watch

Testing operating systems before they go public, in their Beta versions, has its risks and your device may not work as it should when using these versions that still have to be polished. Some users of the first iOS 9 betas have been unable to make phone calls for weeks , as iPhones with this beta version of the ninth generation mobile operating system of the apple were left hopelessly behind.

But the worst thing is when you upgrade to a beta version you lose the possibility to downgrade to the previous version by yourself, as it happens with the Apple Watch and the beta version of its system Watch OS 2. In the last WWDC the company of the apple warned that you could not go back to the previous version of the operating system of the smartwatch if you chose to install the beta version of Watch OS 2 . But what happens if we have a problem with the beta and the Apple Watch stops working properly? The only option left is to send the smartwatch to Apple to perform a downgrade and restore the watch, as we will explain below.

How to Restore Beta Watch OS 2 to the Apple Watch
How to Restore Beta Watch OS 2 to the Apple Watch

If you are one of the users or developers who have chosen to install the beta version of Watch OS 2, to test that it works and see for yourself the new features that are included, but you have had problems and the Watch is not going as well as it should, you cannot downgrade to the apple clock. The only thing left to do is wait for Apple to release a new beta version that fixes the bugs, with the burden that this entails, or as a last resort send the smartwatch to Apple so they can restore it.

Apple has been forced to create a downgrade program for all those users who decide to go back to Watch OS 1.0.1 on their watch . The only problem is that this program is not available for use by users or developers, so you will have to send the clock to Apple, as even the Apple stores cannot perform the process, at least not yet. The apple company itself confirms that there is no other way to do it and that you will have to send the smartwatch if or when to Apple.

The truth is that it may be a problem to have to run out of the Apple Watch for a few days until Apple performs the downgrade process . For this process they have enabled a web page, accessible only to developers. We don’t know if this process will be free or if it will cost some money, but it can be a problem if a developer needs the watch and has to get rid of it for a week or so.

It is always best to wait until new versions of the operating system are publicly available. Do not upgrade your device to a beta version if you need it for day-to-day use, because problems may arise that will leave your Watch, iPhone or iPad unusable for a few days, with the resulting problem.

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