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How to restart or force restart the Apple Watch

As a rule, the Apple Watch is a stable device and rarely needs a reboot to function normally. However, there are times when something can go wrong and because of that we need to force a reboot of the Apple Watch . As it usually happens with all the company’s devices this is quite easy and in the case of the wearable the procedure is very similar to the one we follow in any iOS device.

As we said, the Apple Watch is a stable device, although this does not mean that it never fails. For any reason some feature may stop working or some app may be causing any kind of problem or make the device unresponsive. In these situations a full reboot is usually enough to fix the problem and therefore any smartwatch user should know how to do it.

How to restart or force restart the Apple Watch
How to restart or force restart the Apple Watch

You really only need to take one step to restart an Apple Watch and it’s just pressing and holding the two buttons on the device until the Apple logo appears on the screen . That is, keep pressing the side button next to the digital crown until the device starts the process of booting watchOS, your operating system, again.

It is important to mention that we must keep both buttons pressed until the company logo appears on the screen. In case we release them before this happens, instead of rebooting the device we will make a screenshot of the Apple Watch with what it shows at that moment.

While it is unusual to have to restart an Apple Watch, there are times when we might have to resort to it. The first thing to note is that a reboot will only be able to fix software problems . When the device is rebooted all running processes will be closed and restarted, so in case of failure it could be fixed without further ado. For example, if we detect that the heart monitor just stops working, if we install a new app and see that it is causing problems, after an operating system update, if the device stops responding, etc, etc… These are just some examples of when it might be necessary to force a reboot of the Apple Watch .

Do you have an Apple Watch? Have you ever had to force a reboot?

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