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How to remove sound from Facebook video autoplay on your iPhone


Since last summer, Facebook has implemented an automatic video playback feature, which is also selected by default when we install the app on our iPhone. The problem with this useful feature that appeals to the user is basically the scares you get when you slide down your wall and suddenly the videos start playing .

How to remove sound from Facebook video autoplay on your iPhone
How to remove sound from Facebook video autoplay on your iPhone

But don’t worry, fortunately within the incredible maze of Facebook settings we found a measure that while it doesn’t prevent these videos from playing themselves, it does at least take away the audio , unless you decide to click on it to see it, then you’ll enjoy the recording in full with sound and video.

As we mentioned, this feature that we are going to configure will not avoid sound globally but will simply let the Facebook videos that start playing by default do so without sound, unless we click on them.

Remember that first of all you must have the Facebook app installed and updated . First of all, let’s go to the Facebook app installed on our iOS device and go to the menu with a three line icon that you can find in the bottom corner of the application. Then click on Settings> Account Settings .

We scroll down until we find a section called “Videos & Sounds” and slide down to disable the option . The videos on the wall start with sound .

If you’d prefer to turn off autoplay directly , which both your battery and data rate will appreciate, you can simply go to the “Autoplay” section and select the option that’s least invasive and annoying to you, though Facebook won’t let you turn it off completely, but you can restrict it to playing only when you’re surfing with Wi-Fi, for example, or to the worst possible quality.

Finally, in this sound section within the Facebook settings as well you can disable other sound settings implemented especially for iOS , so that the app is as quiet as possible.


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