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How to remove objects from an image from your iPhone, iPad or Mac

You may have taken the picture of your life with your iPhone , but there is some object or person that has spoiled it. Courage increases if the moment cannot be repeated. But there is hope.

Thanks to the applications that we find in the Mac App Store and Apple Store for our devices, we can retouch some images to remove objects without hardly any knowledge.

How to remove objects from an image from your iPhone, iPad or Mac
How to remove objects from an image from your iPhone, iPad or Mac

Depending on the app that we use , the result will be better or less, as each uses a processing system to better mask the results.

How to delete objects or people

Well, if our option has been Pixelmator (if you choose another app, the steps will be similar), you simply have to perform the following steps.

  • Open the chosen photo
  • Touch the Band-Aid icon
  • “Colorize” the area to be removed

There, the object will magically disappear. Surely your main option would have been the eraser, but that erases the whole image . The solution is the repair option , represented by the band-aid icon. In other apps we’ve tried, the same icon also appears.

Pixelmator for iPhone, iPad or Mac

There are many applications, but the most interesting ones are the ones we can use from any device. For example a iPhone, iPad or Mac . This is interesting because perhaps we make a first contact from the iPhone and we decide to finish the work with the iPad and the Apple Pencil or from the Mac.

Pixelmator meets this objective, it is a cheap app and it is easy to use. However, the results may not be as expected, as for example in Affinity Photo .

As you can see, the result is more or less decent for a quick thing. Of course, if you spend more time on it, you’ll probably get better results, either on an iPhone , iPad or Mac .

What did you think of this quick little trick to improve your photos? Which app did you use?

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