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How to recover a backup of your damaged iPhone, iPod or iPad

In previous articles, we have seen how making a correct backup can be very useful in case we have the bad luck of losing our phone data during a restoration or update. However, what would happen if the backup was not done correctly?

All backups we make with both iTunes and iCloud are stored as a single file, which, to be restored again and completely, has to meet a number of requirements such as the system version being higher than or equal to the backup made.

How to recover a backup of your damaged iPhone, iPod or iPadHow to recover a backup of your damaged iPhone, iPod or iPad

In the event that the required conditions are not met, we are faced with the same situation as in the first paragraph of this article. How could we recover the information from a backup? Can the files be selectively extracted from the same copy? The answers to these questions can be found in the following program.

There are many possibilities offered by this phone rescuer , but the most important one is surely the related to backup recovery .

  1. We downloaded the iMobie Phone Rescue application from your website.
  2. We opened Phone Rescue.
  3. We select Recover from iTunes Backup or from iCloud -depending on where we made the backup-.
  4. We mark the backup we wish to decompose.
  5. We choose the files we want to rescue from the backup.
  6. We save on the device or on the desktop of our PC or Mac.

In this simple way we can retrieve contacts, call history, messages, sms attachments, voice messages, calendar, reminders, notes, notes attachment, Safari history, bookmarks and our most personal files like photos, videos and audios – both from the gallery and from third party applications like Whatsapp or Telegram.

As you can see, is an application to keep in mind when we are unable to rescue our backup