How to Quickly Delete Mail on the iPad or iPad Mini

If we’re the kind of people who get a lot of mail throughout the day, the accumulation of mail in our inbox can be a problem, especially if you do as I do and let it get stored in industrial quantities.

At first, deleting emails from our iPad is a little more tedious and complicated than it should really be, since by default does not delete them completely , but sends them to the “archives” section and once there we have to repeat the procedure to remove them completely.

How to Quickly Delete Mail on the iPad or iPad Mini
How to Quickly Delete Mail on the iPad or iPad Mini

Fortunately, there is a simple option to avoid this extra step and delete them directly from our mailbox .

How to completely and quickly delete emails from your iPad inbox

This change will prevent every time we delete an email it will be archived by default instead of being deleted completely. Therefore, this change will affect whether we delete emails in batches, via the “Edit” button, or via the right-to-left slider.

1.- The first thing we need to do is go to the following route Settings – Mail, Contacts, Calendar and once here select the email account where we want the complete removal of the messages to be applied.

2.- Once inside the selected mail we will see different options, the one we are interested in is at the end of it and it is called “File messages” . By default it will have the switch on, so what we need to do is turn it off.

3.- From now on, whenever we go to the inbox of the selected mail, we will delete the messages completely through the “Delete” button. Whether we do this by using “Edit” or by using the right-to-left gesture.

As the guys at OS X Daily comment, fortunately in iOS 7, Apple has introduced improvements in terms of multi-touch gestures and will allow us to use the swipe gesture to remove content in many places on iOS, from phone calls, to our music, to podcasts.

This is certainly another example of how iOS allows for more configuration than it initially appears, but that this is somewhat hidden within the Settings menu.

Do you let your mail accumulate in your iPad’s inbox, and are you going to delete it completely from now on?

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