How to Quickly Close All Safari Tabs in iOS 7

Great trick to prevent a lot of open tabs in Safari

The Apple operating system is a real delight in terms of fluidity and speed, and in fact these are one of the main reasons why many people migrate to iOS and leave other platforms behind. Of course, the fluidity of the system will always go hand in hand with our use and maintenance of it.

Sometimes I am surprised when some people (initiated in the matter), ask me in amazement why their iPhone goes so slow if it is supposed to be one of their main virtues. A quick glance at their multitasking is more than enough to make me realize the reason for such slowness: that person hasn’t closed any of their applications for weeks.

How to Quickly Close All Safari Tabs in iOS 7
How to Quickly Close All Safari Tabs in iOS 7

Therefore, in any operating system and of course also in iOS, it is important to preserve it, because not only will we achieve preserve its fluidity and processing speed , but we will save some secondary problems such as rapid battery consumption.

Safari, as a fundamental part of iOS, also requires its own treatment and conservation. Don’t panic, it’s nothing too complicated. Beyond cleaning the browsing history, data and cache generated by the browser and what we have insisted on in previous tutorials, it is also advisable to pay special attention to the tabs.

Close all open Safari tabs in iOS 7 in a few steps

It is not strange that if we do not take care of this aspect and we do not close our eyelashes from time to time, we will accumulate a great amount of them open in Safari and, believe me, it is not difficult to have more than a dozen open. This affects the performance of the browser negatively and can be a real pain if we don’t know where the problem is.

If you have a lot of eyelashes open, it can be a real nuisance to close them individually. Luckily, in iOS 7 we have a little trick that we can use to close them all at once. Just follow these steps:

1.- Open the Safari browser and click on the button that shows all the tabs we have open.

2.- We will see all the tabs that are open at that time, so we must click on the “Private Navigation” button.

Before entering Private Browsing mode, Safari will ask you to close all the tabs that are currently open. Click on “Close” and they will be automatically deleted.

As they say in iMore, this simple trick is much more convenient and quicker if you ever get together with dozens of open tabs in Safari and don’t want to have to close them all individually.

Are you the kind of person who usually closes your eyes, or do you just let them pile up?

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