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How to quickly access system preferences using a key combination

The System Preferences panel is the main place where we can modify the behavior of our Mac . We can set the position of an external monitor, change the appearance of the Dock, or turn the firewall on or off. In addition, there is a way to easily access the different preferences by simply using the keyboard.

At the top of the keyboard, above the numbers, are the keys with which we can pause playback, move to the next or previous track, adjust volume, display brightness, keyboard brightness, etc. Each of these actions usually has a preference panel associated with it .

How to quickly access system preferences using a key combinationHow to quickly access system preferences using a key combination

Whether you have a Mac with a TouchBar or without it, the Option key (?) allows you to access various preference panels in a simple way. How? Simply by holding down the Option key while touching one of the keys . These are some of the most common combinations:

  • Option key + any key on the volume: Sound preferences panel, Output tab.
  • Option key + raise/lower screen brightness key: Display preference panel, Display tab.
  • Option Key + Keyboard Brightness Up/Down key: Keyboard preference panel, Keyboard tab.

Moreover, if our Mac has a TouchBar, the “keys” we can have on the bar are many and offers even more options, such as

  • Option key + Do not disturb: Do not disturb preference panel
  • Option + Siri key: Siri preference panel.
  • Option key + Quick actions: Extensions preference panel.

Being able to access options in a particular area of the computer is, in many situations, a great convenience. For example, connecting AirPods to the computer is as simple as Option + volume and choosing AirPods on the panel .

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Simple, isn’t it? The next time we need to access a preference panel we will know that with the Option key we can do it even more comfortably and quickly.