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How to Protect Privacy on WhatsApp in 7 Steps

Some tips for using WhatsApp to protect your privacy

WhatsApp is one of the applications we use the most in our daily lives, if not the most. Not for nothing has it become the undisputed king of instant messaging services and month after month it crowns the list of best-selling apps on the App Store.

However, such an application also has its risks and is the danger it can pose to our privacy if we do not make good use of it. Here are 7 basic keys to protect your privacy using WhatsApp.

1. Double tick does not indicate that the message has been read

How to Protect Privacy on WhatsApp in 7 Steps
How to Protect Privacy on WhatsApp in 7 Steps

This is undoubtedly one of the living legends of WhatsApp and something we’ve all wondered about when we used the program. Absolutely not, the two ticks don’t mean that the message has been read , as the developers of the app itself had to explain.

So you know, no more ” why you haven’t replied to the message if you’ve read them “.

2. Delete the conversation history periodically

Cleaning up your conversation history on WhatsApp is as essential as cleaning up the operating system itself. We never know when we might lose our phone or someone else might have access to it, so it is not a good idea to show them all the data and statements we make through WhatsApp.

To do this we can either delete individual phrases from within the chat itself via the ” Edit ” button, or do it in a much more practical way, by deleting a whole chat via the main menu by also clicking on the ” Edit ” button.

3. Hide last connection time

Who hasn’t had trouble with the last hour of connection? Whether it’s because we haven’t answered a friend or because we’ve connected in an hour when we were supposedly busy, the last hour of connection can turn into torture.

To deactivate it, just go to Settings – Chat Settings – Advanced . Here we’ll see a single option that says ” Last Online Time “, uncheck the box and from then on nobody will be able to see our last connection (this only works in the iPhone version). However, we won’t be able to see anyone else’s either.

4. Disables automatic file saving

One of the new features introduced in the latest versions of WhatsApp is the ” Auto-Save File “. This poses a problem in that absolutely all images sent to you will be automatically saved to your Reel . Can you imagine what that can be like in a group of 30 people?

To deactivate it, go to Settings – Chat Settings and uncheck the box that says ” Auto-save files “.

5. Block contacts that don’t let you live

Who doesn’t have a heavy contact on WhatsApp? Yeah, the one who talks to you all the time and expects you to do the same. If you’re tired of that situation, don’t hesitate, block it out and live it up.

Locking a contact is as easy as going to Settings – Chat Settings – Locked and adding to all contacts that make your life miserable. If one day you want to admit him again, just delete him from the list.

6. Leave the unbearable WhatsApp groups

The groups are another nightmare that we can find in WhatsApp. If the number of this one goes up to 15 people you can start to worry: they are not going to leave you alone.

At the risk of sounding rude, the best we can do is leave the group. To do this we must follow the same procedure as for deleting a conversation: button ” Edit ” from the Chats menu and that’s it.

7. Customize your status

Sometimes we have to make it clear to our contacts that we are busy and do not want to be disturbed. To do this, sometimes it is best to personalize our status to show that we are in a situation where we cannot talk.

iPadizate does not guarantee the success of this method.

As we have seen in The Information, WhatsApp is a wonderful tool to communicate with our contacts in a fast and direct way, but we have to be very careful and, above all, always preserve our privacy .

Which of these keys do you put into practice?

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