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How to prevent messages from being displayed on my iPhone’s lock screen

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The iPhone is the main computer of millions of people. As such, many users are concerned about maintaining the privacy and security of their conversations. In this tutorial we show you how to keep messages hidden on the iPhone’s lock screen , so you can preserve your communications from the eyes of others.

Hiding messages on the iPhone or iPad lock screen

How to prevent messages from being displayed on my iPhone’s lock screen
How to prevent messages from being displayed on my iPhone’s lock screen

If we want to keep the messages that we receive on our iPhone hidden, there is only one way to do it: manage iOS notifications. For each app that we want to limit or hide the messages, we’ll need to do the following:

  • Access on our iPhone to Settings , Notifications , Apps you want to hide.
  • Then slide the menu until the preview options appear.
  • Here we can choose whether or not to display part of the messages that reach us, but we will not hide the recipient of the message. You can see the result in the next screenshot.

If you want to prevent the notifications from appearing in the lock screen completely , you should go to the menu you saw before (Settings> Notifications> App you want to hide). In the notifications section, we’ll disable the first button that says “View on locked screen”. Here, as a recommendation to let you know if you have received a notification, I would leave the sound and the balloons on the icons activated (in the example above this last one is deactivated).

Hiding iPhone lock screen messages is easy from iOS notifications

There are two more radical options to keep messages hidden on the lock screen of an iPhone or iPad. The first option is to remove all the previews from all the apps, as shown here (in that menu we can choose different options):

The second option is to disable notifications for each app completely. To do this we’ll go into the notifications for each app and turn off the top button that says “Allow Notifications”. By doing this we won’t see or hear any notifications from this app so we’ll need to go into it to see what’s new.

Hidden notifications on iPhone X

The new iPhone X’s notification management deserves a special mention. Thanks to Face ID, the iPhone X is able to know if the person looking at the screen is its owner or not . This way, it only displays message previews when its owner is in front of it. In the following picture you can see the difference:

On the left, the preview is shown to the iPhone X owner; on the right, how the same notification is shown to other people.

The difference with other Apple terminals is that iPhone X handles these previews automatically. It will hide the content of the message , but the name of the sender will appear in the notification as in other terminals.

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