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How to prevent Facebook from slowing down your iPhone and iPad

All the apps on our phones consume our data, battery, processing power, and above all, our patience. However, certain applications reach extremes , and that should not happen under any circumstances.

So, to prevent you from losing your mind looking for solutions, today we’ll share with you a little tutorial so you can free up some of the space that the Facebook app may have used without permission. Not only that, but thanks to these tricks you can also save a little data, as we helped you do with Instagram earlier.

First for data consumption

How to prevent Facebook from slowing down your iPhone and iPad
How to prevent Facebook from slowing down your iPhone and iPad

The first trick is the simplest, and will help you to reduce data usage by controlling the autoplay of the videos in the Facebook feed, as we explained here earlier in more detail. As you know, every time you pass over a video, it starts playing automatically. This is done by default on both Wi-Fi and mobile networks, so in the end, it becomes a major expense.

To avoid this, you must access the section More (Represented by three horizontal lines). Once there, you enter the Account Settings , hidden in the Settings menu. Next, select Videos and Photos , where you can choose whether or not the autoplay will work using data.

Now it’s time for storage

However, if we need more extreme measures, we can always dispense with the Facebook app itself. Either by mistake, or on purpose, the application can use a large part of our precious storage as a cache, causing severe performance drops. And there is only one remedy for this, to uninstall it completely, as there is no real solution at the moment to this serious problem.

But all is not lost, because we can create a shortcut on the home screen from the Safari share menu , to be able to quickly access the web application. Although it won’t be as fast as having the app installed, I can assure you that it won’t consume half the space available on a 16Gb iPhone or iPad, and it perfectly covers all the necessary functions. Of course, it will not be able to replace it completely, but for the moment it is the only thing we can do.

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