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How to photograph food with your iPhone

Since the advent of the integrated cameras in our mobile phones, taking good pictures is relatively easy. One category of them that we often see a lot on social networks are those related to food . Obviously, it’s not about taking a simple picture of a burger, but when we are in a restaurant that takes care of its presentations we like to take that memory with us, and why not, publish it.

In this article we’re going to give you some tips on how to make the most of your best moments and face these really appealing photographs , so let’s get to it.

Use the macro

How to photograph food with your iPhone
How to photograph food with your iPhone

The power that this simple technique has makes much more powerful the details that at first sight go unnoticed .

Avoid zenithal planes

They are very typical in social networks, have the ability to cancel out volumes and perspectives and resulting in a flat image that does not count anything . Look for the perfect plane, there is one.

Light, always natural

It’s the key to decent results, so be careful when shooting with flash , dishes can create unwanted reflections.

Accompanying accompaniments

If you have prepared the dish yourself and you want to tell something, bear in mind who the protagonist of your creation is. There is no point in having your sirloin appear as such if it is stuffed with potatoes.


You have a lot of very good resources when it comes to editing the snapshots and making them even more appealing. Applications like VSCO or Snapseed can be very helpful. Remember to use them to enhance, never to straighten a badly based photo .

Seek support

If for any reason you like to photograph your creations you can get the help of a stand or tripod to help you keep the focus . They are very cheap.

What do you mean?

Your picture must tell something, if for some reason that picture doesn’t say anything and you can’t find a way to make it talk, don’t take it . Others will come along that do speak.

The most important thing about these simple tricks is that you make these kinds of pictures fun, these shots should invite you to say “yummy!” or “I was eating it already!” Remember to follow us and comment on this post .