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How to personalize Siri to your liking in iOS 11

Gradually, Apple is overcoming the limitations of its operating system, allowing users to have much more customization.

A clear example of this is how we can change Siri’s voice and customize many other functions, such as the write to Siri mode.

How to personalize Siri to your liking in iOS 11
How to personalize Siri to your liking in iOS 11

Most of these features can be found in the Siri section of the iOS 11 Settings application. iPhone and iPad users can choose from several different options. Today, we show you how to customize Siri on your device.

How to activate Oye Siri

The “Hey Siri” functionality is one of the most useful features of the iOS 11 Virtual Assistant. It allows users to activate Siri even from a distance of more than 5 meters, which is especially useful when using the HomeKit. To activate this service, follow these steps:

1. Opens the Settings app on iOS 11.

2. Access the “Siri and Search” section.

3. Activate the option “Al oír Siri”.

How to change Siri’s voice

Siri customization also allows iOS 11 users to change the voice of Siri. You can choose a male voice, a female voice, a Mexican accent… It’s so much fun to change!

1. Opens Settings.

2. Enter Siri and Search.

3. Press the option “Voice of Siri”.

4. Choose your favourite!

How to have Siri warn about calls

Your iPhone options also give you the ability to have Siri announce any and all incoming calls to your phone. It’s very easy, just follow these steps:

1. Go to Settings.

2. Access the Telephone section.

3. Click on the option “Announce calls”.

4. Choose between “Always, Headset and car, Headset only or Never”.

How to write to Siri

You can choose to type text to Siri instead of sending voice commands. Something really practical in business meetings, class projects, etc.

1. Open the iOS Settings app 11.

2. Enter General.

3. Go to Accessibility.

4. Click on Siri.

5. Activate the Write to Siri option.

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