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How to pay with Apple Pay using iPhone X Face ID

Si eres cliente de CaixaBank, ya puedes pagar con Apple Pay

De todas formas, Apple Pay en el iPhone X es esencialmente igual de rápido y fácil que el que podíamos encontrar utilizando Touch ID una vez nos acostumbremos, el único problema es que deberemos realizar unos cuantos pagamientos para coger la costumbre y esto, por supuesto, nos costará dinero .

How to pay with Apple Pay using iPhone X Face ID
How to pay with Apple Pay using iPhone X Face ID

With the launch of the new iPhone X, people have started to wonder if Apple Pay would work without the Touch ID, which took your fingerprint to confirm payments . Now, the new iPhone X has an alternative that makes it more or less the same in terms of performance.

The popular Apple news blog: MacRumors has made an effort to give its readers an example of how Apple Pay works on the revamped iPhone X. In this example we can see that the use of this in the new Apple terminal is not so different from what we can find in the devices with Touch ID .

It is obvious that in order to use Apple Pay on our iPhone X we will need to activate Apple Pay and add a credit or debit card in the “Wallet” application.

At the moment we want to pay from Apple Pay and need to confirm the payment, the process we will have to do will be quite simple and very similar to the one we did with the Touch ID.

Once you are ready to pay, press the side button of the iPhone X twice to open the Apple Pay menu and hit: “authenticate with Face ID.” Once your Face ID has been validated, all you have to do is bring your phone close to the reader and the payment will be validated. If for any reason you don’t want to use your main credit card, make sure you change it by touching it before putting the iPhone next to the reader.

If the “Wallet” application does not appear when you double-tap the side button on your phone, go to “Settings”> “Wallet”> “Apple Pay” and activate the double-click option. This function is very useful if you use Apple Pay a lot, because saves you a considerable amount of time when paying .

If we do not activate the double click option, we will have to bring the iPhone close to the NFC reader for Apple Pay to open , asking us for a confirmation via Face ID to pay. This adds one more step to the process.

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