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How to Organize the Apple Watch Icons from iPhone (Video)

I’m sure more than one is biting their nails waiting for the Apple Watch to come on the market so they can get it. There are fewer and fewer left, but to make the wait a little easier we bring you a little video showing how the Watch icons can be reorganized from the iPhone application .

Recently, several screenshots were released showing what the application for the Apple Watch on the iPhone will look like and now a small video of just a few seconds has been released. In it you can see how through the iPhone will be able to organize the icons of the Watch’s home screen quickly and easily .

How to Organize the Apple Watch Icons from iPhone (Video)
How to Organize the Apple Watch Icons from iPhone (Video)

We still have to wait until next April 24th for the Apple Watch to reach the market in several countries , a little more in the case of Spain, but thanks to leaks and videos like this one we bring you today it is possible to get an idea of how your iPhone application will work.

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The iPhone’s Apple Watch application has been incorporated with iOS 8.2 and will allow the user to easily adjust and configure the smartwatch from the smartphone. At the moment, you do not have access to the various sections you will have until the Watch is released , but some people have already managed to bypass this restriction.

The video lasts only 15 seconds and has been published on YouTube by the user NewMobileLife. As we said before, its duration is very short, but it is more than enough to see how the application for the Apple Watch for the iPhone allows to organize the icons from the smartphone in a quick and easy way without having to touch the smartwatch itself .

In order to do this you will need to enter the My Watch section of the iPhone application and click on the App Layout option , which will display a replica of the screen of the paired Apple Watch. Once there you can use the iPhone screen to move around and rearrange the icons on the main Watch screen.

The Apple Watch will offer great customization possibilities

From BGR they point out that it will also be possible to rearrange the icons on the main Apple Watch screen directly from the clock by holding your finger on one of the applications , in the same way as it is done in iOS on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Everything seems to point to the fact that Apple was right and the Watch will really be its most personal device created so far, and that is that it will have many customization options for each user to adapt it to their tastes.

In addition, we should not forget the functions and features that will accompany the Apple Watch , many of which are not available in smart watches with Android Wear.

What do you think of the Apple Watch application for the iPhone with what is known so far?

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