How to organize photos from an iOS trip before you even take them

When you go on a trip somewhere, one thing you are sure to do is take pictures . And we all know what it costs afterwards to organize those pictures and share them, don’t we? We know that it has to be done, but because of thousands of irrelevant factors we delay it or even forget it.

Bad idea. And if you take the pictures from an iPhone, you don’t have much of an excuse since you can organize everything during the dead times you have from the same device. But let’s go a bit further: what if you could organize or share all those pictures before you even make the trip ?

How to organize photos from an iOS trip before you even take them
How to organize photos from an iOS trip before you even take them

Yes, that can be done and thanks to one of IFTT’s recipes . This service is already known to integrate many services and automate our daily tasks, and the latest version of the application is able to work side by side with some iOS applications.

Part 1: detects photographs taken in a given area

First of all, you must have the IFTTT application installed and activated on your iPhone . You only need to download it from the App Store for free and follow the steps that appear when you open the application for the first time. Once you have done that, let’s see the steps to follow using an example.

Suppose you go away for a weekend to Amsterdam and you want to organize all the pictures you take in an album. Identify yourself on the IFTTT website and open this link to create a new recipe or applet :

Click on “This”. Many services will appear, but search for “iOS” in the search field. Select “iOS Photos” and then click on the last option, called “New Photo taken in area” :

A map will appear, on which you will have to select the area you will be on holiday. You can cover a city or even a whole country. For our example, we will choose the Amsterdam metropolitan area and click on “Create Trigger “:

Part 2: send the photo to the album

We move on to the second part of our recipe. Click on “That” and look again for “iOS” in the mosaic of services that appear. Select iOS Photos again and select the only option available, which is “Add Photo to Album” :

In the panel that appears we will put a name for the album we want to save, and click on “Create Action” .

Finally we click on “Finish” and that’s it, we don’t have to do anything else. All the pictures we take in Amsterdam will be automatically saved in our album.

If you also want to share the photo you make automatically, just repeat the steps of the first part of the recipe (set that you want to detect when a photo has been taken in Amsterdam) and make the second part share that image on Facebook, Twitter or even on a Telegram channel group where you have previously notified family and friends that you will put all your photos.


In Genbeta you have a list with dozens of other recipes for you to discover what IFTT can do for you.

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