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How to Organize Apps on an iPad to Find Them Faster

Today we bring you some simple tips to gain efficiency and time with our iPad. In a world in which more and more applications appear with which to fill our tablets and that these, in turn, fill up more quickly, we are grateful for a series of small tips to save us the time we spend browsing through the dozens of apps on our iPad.

Many of these little tricks may be very elementary, but it doesn’t hurt to remember them all and put them in one post so that you can help all those people who are starting out with the iPad or iPad Mini.

Locate your favorite applications in the Dock

How to Organize Apps on an iPad to Find Them FasterHow to Organize Apps on an iPad to Find Them Faster

This advice is the most basic, but is often forgotten. When you have numerous applications on your tablet, it often becomes very tedious to search for the app you want to open at that moment. If you have an application that you use regularly, the best thing to do is put it in the Dock so that you can access it from any home screen.

To do this, we just hold our finger over our favourite app and drag it to the dock on our iPad.

Organize applications on multiple home screens

This is a particularly useful trick if you have a lot of applications and the folder option is no longer an option or becomes somewhat chaotic. This way we can create different splash screens for each type of app: games, social networking, productivity, etc…

Simply drag an application to the right of the screen and wait until a new home screen is created.

Group similar applications into folders

Another elementary tip, especially if we have many applications of the same type. To do this, we drag one application over another and wait until the folder is created. By default, the system will set its name based on the apps’ content, but we can change it at any time.

Put a folder in the iPad Dock

If it is a folder that we access regularly, the best we can do is to keep it in a place that we can have at hand at all times. Again, the Dock is once again that ideal place in which to deposit our folder.

The procedure is exactly the same as for an application: we maintain and drag the folder to our Dock.

Organize our apps through iTunes

Sometimes it’s much easier to organize our content from our PC or Mac via iTunes than from the iPad itself. To do this, simply connect your device and select the applications tab. From here you can do everything: move applications, create folders, create home screens, delete apps, etc…

Use Spotlight to launch applications

Spotlight is also a great resource when we have a large number of applications, although, conversely, not many people use it. Through its search field we can find all the applications (and other content) that match the letters you’ve typed.

When we have a lot of apps, the best we can do is type in the name of the application we want to access and launch it directly from there.

Launching applications through Siri

Siri is also a good way to launch our applications. In the same way as Spotlight, although for my taste a little slower, we can dictate to our virtual assistant that it opens the app we’re looking for. To do this we must say “Open + application name” and Siri will open it directly or show us a list in case we have more than one with the same name or a very similar name.

So much for the series of tips the Macworld boys bring us. What did you think? Do you all apply them in your daily use?