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How to Navigate Apple TV with a Bluetooth Keyboard


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How to Navigate Apple TV with a Bluetooth Keyboard
How to Navigate Apple TV with a Bluetooth Keyboard

As you may know, Apple incorporated support for bluetooth keyboards into tvOS 9.2. As a result, users can now pair their keyboards with the Apple TV to enter passwords, perform searches and even navigate between menus. Although with Siri’s voice dictation it is now much easier to type in the text fields.

Here’s a great guide to pairing up your bluetooth keyboard and getting started with your tvOS navigation and item search – we hope you find it useful!

Navigating Apple TV with a Bluetooth Keyboard

You can use the following keys to move around on the Apple TV home screen and in some apps.

Arrows: Use them to move left, right, up and down.

Return: Use the Return key to make a selection.

F7 and F9: These keys will allow you to go back and forth in the playback.

F8 and Space: With both you can pause and play any video.

F11 and F12: To increase and decrease the volume.

F3: This key displays the App Switcher to close or change apps.

How to search with a bluetooth keyboard

When you select a text field, your keyboard starts working just like it does on your PC, your Mac, your iPhone, or your iPad.

But fortunately, the keys on a bluetooth keyboard can also be used to play any movie, TV show or Apple Music song by typing the first few letters of a movie title, series, singer, album or playlist.

For example:

  • In your purchased movies, type “Pul” to play “Pulp Fiction”.
  • In your purchased series, type “Los” to play “Lost”.
  • In your Music application, type “Rih” to access “Rihanna” songs.

That’s how useful a bluetooth keyboard can be on the fourth generation Apple TV. With all the new features of the Siri Remote, it is not really necessary to use a keyboard, but it is true that the new controller still requires some improvement , for example in voice dictation not all words are recognized in English, so the keyboard can be very useful in this case.

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