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How to manage and use keyboard languages on our iPhone or iPad

When we write a text on our iPhone or iPad, the language in which we do so is of great importance. This is because the predictive keyboard, the corrector , the keyboard layout, etc. come into play. That’s why being able to add, reorder and remove keyboard languages, as well as move between them, is fundamental.

Adding, Reordering or Removing Keyboard Languages

All keyboard settings will be made from the same preference panel , so we access it first. The steps are as follows:

  1. We opened the Settings app.
  2. We’re going into General.
  3. We play Keyboard.
  4. We play in Keyboards.
How to manage and use keyboard languages on our iPhone or iPad
How to manage and use keyboard languages on our iPhone or iPad

Now we’ll add, reorder or delete, we’ll do it like this:

Adding a keyboard

  1. We press Add new keyboard.
  2. Select the keyboard you want to add.

How to rearrange the keyboards

  1. Click on Edit at the top.
  2. We use the symbol ? to drag and drop the languages in the order we want.
  3. We press OK.

How to delete a keyboard

  1. Click on Edit at the top.
  2. We play the red “-” next to the name of the language.
  3. Press Delete to confirm.
  4. We play OK.

Once we have the keyboard languages we are going to use for typing and they are properly arranged, let’s see how to alternate between them as we need to.

How to change keyboard and writing language

As we mentioned before, it is of vital importance to choose the correct keyboard for each language so that the corrector, the predictive keyboard or even the symbols on the keyboard, for example the “ñ”, work properly . To change the keyboard, the steps are as follows:

  1. We place ourselves where we want to write: a mail, a note, etc.
  2. We press and hold the world ball button at the bottom left of the keyboard.
  3. We choose the keyboard we want to use.

Alternatively we can simply press the world ball button to go rotating around the different keyboards in the order we left them in the previous steps. Note that the Emoji keyboard replaces the world ball with a button ABC

At Apple These are the options of the corrector of our iPhone or iPad

And it’s that simple. With these steps the available keyboard languages will be to our liking and we will be able to switch between them efficiently as we need one or the other.

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