How to Make Your Own Wallpaper with Parallax Effect for iOS 7

How to make your own wallpaper with the Parallax effect for iOS 7

Apple has added an interesting new parallax 3D effect to the iOS 7 home screen and lock screen, which allows you to see what is “behind” the main screen icons when you tilt the iOS device . We will discuss the details of how this effect works, but basically we can say that iOS magnifies the wallpaper we have to give it room to move when we tilt the device.

To make the Parallax 3D effect look even better, we can use an image with a slightly higher resolution , so that when iOS zooms in on the image to create the additional margins for moving, the pixels in the image end up being mapped at 1:1 scale on the screen.

Create your own Parallax effect wallpaper for iOS 7

How to Make Your Own Wallpaper with Parallax Effect for iOS 7
How to Make Your Own Wallpaper with Parallax Effect for iOS 7

The people at Trusted Reviews have done the calculations and it turns out that for the wallpaper to be perfect with the parallax effect, it is necessary to add a 200-pixel supplement to each side of the image . These are the sizes required depending on the device we have:

  • For iPad 2 and iPad Mini: 1424 x 1424 pixels.
  • For iPad 3 and iPad 4: 2448 x 2448 pixels
  • For iPhone 4S: 1360 x 1040 pixels.
  • For iPhone 5: 1536 x 1040 pixels.

Note that iPhone 4 does not support the parallax 3D effect . As we already mentioned, although Apple says that the older models of both the iPad and the iPhone are compatible with iOS 7, their technical limitations mean that some features are not available.

To create these wallpapers, ideally start with a larger image size than those mentioned above. If they are in the same aspect ratio as the final resolution, we simply need to change the image size with the appropriate dimensions depending on our device. If it does not have the same aspect ratio, it might be necessary to crop the image to get the correct aspect ratio or change the size.

As they say in iPhonehacks, once we have the image, we only have to save it and set it as wallpaper.

The Parallax effect is just one of the new features of Apple’s new mobile operating system . The new Control Center, the new multitasking, all the redesigned native applications and many more features will make us think we are looking at a different but familiar operating system when we install the new version.

What do you think? Have you installed iOS 7? Have you tried putting in a wallpaper image? How does it look? Tell us your impressions.

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