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How to make your own karaoke with animojis on iPhone X

La llegada del iPhone X (y los Animojis): Las Charlas de Apple

Who knew? Animojis are one of the star features of the iPhone X and during the week of the launch of the long-awaited Apple phone, they have been the real protagonists . Not only that, but a curious trend is emerging on the Internet: karaoke videos made with animojis. What’s more, there are real gems circulating on the Internet.

How to make your own karaoke with animojis on iPhone X
How to make your own karaoke with animojis on iPhone X

The steps to record a song with an animoji are really simple. However, you will need to know the lyrics well , gesture without fear. These are the steps to follow:

  1. Choose a song that you want to use for karaoke and that you know the lyrics to.
  2. Open Messages on iPhone X and open the in-app of the animojis.
  3. Select the Animoji you would like to use.
  4. It starts a screen recording of the iPhone, because if you record an animoji directly it will be limited to 10 seconds.
  5. Hit play to play the song and start gesticulating as if you were singing yourself.
  6. Once you have your video and your background music, all you have to do is open them in an easy to use editor. If you have a Mac, the iMovie application is the most convenient. Add the clips, trim them properly, and sync them to match animoji music.
  7. Export the video and that’s it.

Here the trick is to gesticulate well and not make mistakes in the lyrics, so that it looks as real as possible. Of course, you can combine different animojis to recreate the different voices in a song, the limit is set by your imagination. In the meantime, we can only enjoy some karaoke that are already circulating on the net. Here are a few:

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