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How to Make Your iPhone or iPad Safe for Kids

Today new technologies are the order of the day among the youngest in the house, I would even dare to say that sometimes they know how to handle the devices better than we do ourselves. If you have little ones at home and you usually leave your iPhone or iPad from time to time to play , you may be interested in knowing how to make the devices safe.

It’s not the first time a parent cries out to see how their child has spent large amounts of money on purchases integrated into a game or when they realize they have deleted a photo or important document. All this can be avoided thanks to the Parental Controls , a function that not everyone knows exists, but that can be of great help in these cases.

How to Make Your iPhone or iPad Safe for KidsHow to Make Your iPhone or iPad Safe for Kids

Here’s how the Parental Controls work and how you can use them to make your iPhone or iPad safer when leaving it with the kids. Here we go!

Thanks to restrictions it is possible to limit the use of certain applications and areas on an iPhone or iPad . These applications include Safari, the Camera, FaceTime, Siri or even the App Store, including shopping in-app .

Beyond the applications, other interesting parameters can also be blocked, for example limiting the volume so that your child does not turn it up to the maximum when using headphones. Furthermore, important privacy features are also available in the restrictions area, such as the possibility of disabling access to contacts, among other things .

To activate the restrictions on your iPhone or iPad just go to Settings – General – Restrictions and activate the option. At this point you will be asked to create a password that you will need to use later when you want to disable them again . Don’t forget your password! Because in that case you will have to wipe the whole device and set it up again to remove it.

Once you have created a password you can access the restrictions area, where you can adjust them to your liking . In the Allow zone you can decide which applications you don’t want to be used and which you do, although there are only Apple apps and not third-party apps.

In that case, as commented from iDropNews, the only solution is to remove the third party app from the device and then restrict access to the App Store so that it cannot be downloaded again. But without a doubt one of the best restrictions is the purchase in-app , as you can avoid a big upset if they play a game that has this option.