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How to make the most of Google Now from your iPhone

siriOne year after Google Now was released for Android terminals, the Mountain View kids’ assistant made an appearance on the App Store. But what exactly is it and how does it work? The first thing we have to say is that it is not like Siri, it has other very important features that you can take advantage of in your day to day life. So let’s explain how to get the most out of Google Now from your iPhone .

Broadly speaking, Google Now is a service that studies your daily activity and tries to get ahead of you to provide you with all the information you need, even before you ask for it. As a practical example we can say that we no longer have to look for the time of the last train to get home, Google Now will tell us before.

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How to make the most of Google Now from your iPhone
How to make the most of Google Now from your iPhone

Don’t worry if you think that Google is extracting information from you on a daily basis that is intended to be confidential, it did so before the appearance of this service. Google Now works through cards and there are different types of cards, transport, information, flight, weather, and many more . Let’s see a more practical example, imagine that every day you take the same bus and one day there has been an accident on the road and it is going to be delayed. A warning will appear on your transport card so that you do not wait for your bus at the usual time.

In addition to this informative card-based part, Google Now is also a good voice assistant, but in our opinion not in the Siri line. The service that the Mountain View company offers on the iPhone is rather poor and lacks many options .

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Some Google Now commands

After much testing with the Google Voice Assistant on our iPhone, we have concluded that there are few questions you can ask Google Now that are answered by voice . One of the biggest problems with using the assistant is that you have to do it from inside the application. Here are some questions you can ask the wizard:

  • Ask Google the weather we are going to have anywhere in the world, the assistant will show you the forecast in a very visual graph.
  • If you want Google Now to answer you, you can also ask it about some sports results. But you have to be very direct like for example: how did Real Madrid look in their last match?
  • Cultural information questions, such as how tall is the Eiffel Tower, how old is Tim Cook, and questions like that. Most of which he will answer by voice.
  • Setting a reminder is probably the best feature of Google Now, thanks to this option you can tell Google to remind you, when you move from a location or at a certain time, to do anything.
  • Google Now allows you to search just by voice, although the results will be written on the screen and you’ll have to read them.
  • Ask the assistant to take you to any destination. The search engine app will prepare a route and guide you through it like your GPS navigator. If you also have the Google Maps app, it will connect to it and do it from there.

Even if you can use the “Ok Google” command from our iPhones, the voice assistant of the Mountain View guys is not very practical. The same is not true for the cards, which are much more practical as they are on top of what you do all day to show you fully personalized information . The downside of this is that you will need to have the Google application open so that you can use all these services.

Here you can see a comparison of Google Now on iPhone and Android:

In addition, the app will be consuming resources continuously, spending all day trying to find your location. We’ve shown you some tips to get the most out of Google Now from your iPhone , but we don’t advocate using it much. As we could see, Siri’s voice recognition is much better than Google Now and Cortana.

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