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how to make the leap to video game design and development

With the arrival of the original iPhone in 2007 the industry changed forever, we now had a computer in our pocket capable of performing a large number of tasks. After the launch of the App Store a new professional future suddenly opened up, being a developer of applications and video games for mobile devices was within everyone’s reach.

In that first moment hundreds of amateur developers started to create apps and games for this kind of devices, however, now that more than 10 years have passed, everything has become professional. For that reason, if your dream is to create great apps like Super Mario Run, you need to learn the basics to get to work in one of the best companies in the industry .

how to make the leap to video game design and development
how to make the leap to video game design and development

It doesn’t really matter what stage of training you are in, you may have just finished a University Degree, a Bachelor’s Degree or you may already be a professional in the market. This is a profession in continuous development so University Degrees or Masters like the ones offered by U-tad, University Center for Technology and Digital Art, will teach you what you need to learn how to develop video games, software and applications.

Few professions are more interesting than that of developing video games today. This is a growing sector where devices such as the iPhone or iPad will play a leading role. These devices are increasingly powerful so that soon will begin to appear video games at the level of current consoles.

The creation of a video game involves more and more professionals who need special qualifications , and few centres offer courses as directed as those of the University Centre for Technology and Digital Art. It’s no longer enough to study Computer Engineering, now the market demands greater specialization.

When it comes to designing a video game, you need Software Engineers, specialists in art and visual design, specialists in video game programming and other very specific tasks. For example virtual reality or augmented reality are two sectors destined to dominate the future and from which professionals capable of creating incredible things are needed.

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One of the university degrees offered by U-tad is an Interactive Product Design degree in which you will learn how to develop top-notch products, such as video games for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, Tablets or smartphone applications . In addition, this type of training offers practice with the best companies in the sector such as King, UbiSoft, Gameloft, Rockstar or Electronic Arts.

If you already have a university degree you may be looking for a master’s degree to improve your skills, one of the most interesting ones is the Master’s degree in Video Game Programming. You can specialize in the field of video game programming and master tools as powerful as Unreal Engine .

If your dream is video game programming the options offered by U-tad , Centro Universitario de Tecnología y Arte Digital, are unique in the market . It doesn’t matter what level of education you have or if you are already working, thanks to them you will be able to dedicate yourself professionally to what you like best.

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