How to make our custom Playlists and share them on Apple Music

Apple Music is today one of the best alternatives to enjoy all the music we want on our Apple devices. Its ease of use, a catalogue with more than 50 million songs , exclusive content, music videos that we can enjoy from the application itself, the Beats 1 chain that broadcasts 247 and the large number of Playlist custom, make Apple Music a must for all music lovers .

Now, thanks to the integration with Shazam, which is now also from Apple, we’re discovering songs to add to our endless list of downloads. But why not create a custom playlist with the music we love the most?

How to make our custom Playlists and share them on Apple Music
How to make our custom Playlists and share them on Apple Music

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You may think that the process of creating a Playlist can be a bit tedious, but Apple has managed to make it as simple, fast and customisable as possible so that we can create and share them in a matter of minutes, as you will discover below.

How to make a custom playlist in Apple Music

Open the Music application and in the library section click on Lists> New list, after which a new screen will appear on which to create our customised Playlist , where we will be able to

  • Name our Playlist.
  • Make a brief description about the musical style, who it is aimed at or what we consider.
  • Select a cover image to give it our personal touch (If you don’t want to put any, Apple Music will put a generic one with 4 covers of the songs we have chosen).
  • Decide if we want it to appear on our profile and be searchable by other Apple Music users.

We click on add music and start selecting all the songs we want to be in our list. Once we have all the songs we want, just click on “OK” (top right), to save our Playlist .

In the event that you want to add a new song to your Custom Playlist , you will not have to repeat the entire process. Just click on the three dots icon at the bottom right while listening to the song and select “Add to a list”, where we will select our own.

How to share our Apple Music Playlist

If creating a Playlist in Apple Music was that easy, sharing it with whoever we want couldn’t be any other way. To do this, just click on the icon of the three dots that will make a pop-up menu appear, from which we will select share list.

From this point on we can select the system we want to use to share our list , either through a message, an email or by sharing it with all our followers on our social networks.

A simple way to create custom lists of our favorite songs, which sync across all of our Apple computers and can be shared at the touch of a button.

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